The number #1 question we are asked is, “How much is this going to cost?” Unfortunately, since every single order is a custom order with very specific instructions, it’s difficult to provide a “to-the-penny” price without knowing all the specifics of the project itself.

We understand you have a budget to consider.  To that end, the pictures below are actual items we’ve produced. (You can get a better look by clicking on any picture.)

Please be aware that your product may be more or less than the average.  Hopefully these pictures will give you a ball-park idea.  If you’d like us to provide a no-obligation quote, choose our “Quote” option from the menu above.

Cakes -- Single Tier Start @ $50

Cakes -- Two Tier Start @ $80

Cakes -- Three Tier Start @ $120

Sheet Cakes Start @ $45 -- Add a Photo for $10 extra

Cupcakes Start @ $15 per dozen

Cookies start @ $15/dozen with quantity discounts.